Veterans Support

The Milwaukee County War Memorial Center has been the home of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee since its opening in 1957.

Today, RCM is proud to take part in a critical renovation of the Center through the lead gift from the RCM Community Trust to “Operation Renew,” a major restoration project supported by Milwaukee County.

The cornerstone of the project is the reconstruction of the War Memorial Center courtyard deck, which includes a large 35-foot-diameter “Ring of Honor” constructed of black granite highlighting the names of significant conflicts since WWI. A moveable “wall of glass” provided access to the courtyard for visitors, and water spouts surrounding the reflecting pool enhance the solemnity of the new environment. The courtyard was completed and rededicated in May 2015, and will make a prominent connection to the veterans in the community who have given so much.

Connecting to Veterans

Connecting to WWII, Korean and terminally ill veterans from other conflicts continues to be one mission of RCM. Through continual financial contributions from the RCM Community Trust to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program, the club assists in flying these veterans to visit war memorials in Washington, D.C. and home again where they receive an overwhelming “thank you” and show of support at Milwaukee’s airport.

As part of a new initiative, RCM supported the creation of therapeutic veterans sailing programs with the Milwaukee Sailing Center and Milwaukee Yacht Club. In addition, the RCM Community Trust also supports veterans’ organizations such as Dryhootch and the Armed Forces Week Committee.