Johnsons Park

The Johnsons Park Initiative

The Greater Johnsons Park Initiative is transforming 19 acres in Lindsay Heights, improving green space and community resources to help this historic, central city neighborhood thrive. The RCM Community Trust has contributed $200,000 and led the fundraising effort for this project valued at more than $3 million.

The Johnsons Park Initiative has visibly changed the Lindsay Heights landscape, completing two of its three phases by December 2012: Alice’s Garden, a two-acre urban farm that provides garden plots, program areas and facilities; and the restoration of the Brown Street Academy (BSA) schoolyard. The revitalized schoolyard includes a Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, which gives students hands-on learning opportunities in a landscape that is constantly changing and growing. The schoolyard also serves the Boys & Girls Club and neighborhood residents during non-school hours.

The final phase of the initiative – the renovation of Johnsons Park to upgrade and add facilities that promote recreation, arts and community gatherings – opened in June 2016. The fundraising momentum generated by Rotary once again shows the club’s power to connect partners for the greater good.

Andrew Bell Fund

Andrew Bell, a past member of the RCM and a tree surgeon by trade, entrusted his fellow Rotarians to honor his legacy by expanding the club’s works in the community. The RCM Community Trust was the recipient of a substantial bequest to be used in bettering the Milwaukee community. In previous years these funds were used to restore the Brown Street Academy schoolyard, and now fund RCM’s commitment to Johnsons Park.